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Why Metal AT?

Metal AT trading philosophy as a full service operation by removing the focus on sales. By seeing it self as solution partners of companies we have worked with, we are creating solutions, providing them with time to win, lower their costs, increase their productivity, and avoid unnecessary investments.

Our corporate values and culture, our ethical understanding, good management philosophy and business ethics principles are guided and fulfilling our responsibilities.

Four principles of corporate governance that ensure trust among stakeholders and institutions in line with international business standards;

* Accountability,
* Responsibility
* Openness and transparency
* Fair behavior

Our activities are inevitable for our company’s productivity and success in the long term.

Creating value for our customers, responding to expectations with quality and stability is our first priority. It is our duty to own our products and to be with our customers after sales.

Metal At

Metal At Tel

Metal At Steel Wire

Our steel wires are manufactured from SAE 1006 – SAE 1008 – SAE 1010 quality coiled iron from Isdemir AS according to EN 10208-2 and other international standards. Stainless steel wires are widely used in construction industry and metal industry. There are differences in size and appearance depending on the usage areas. Construction, garden and […]

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Metal At Çivi

Metal At Nails

Our nails are manufactured from SAE 1006 – SAE 1008 – SAE 1010 quality coiled iron, which is supplied from Isdemir AS in accordance with EN 10208-2 and other international standards. Nails are widely used in the construction industry and the wood industry. The nails show differences according to different head, body and tip structures […]

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Metal At Çelik Hasır

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

It is a construction material spreading worldwide. There are many uses in field concrete, curtains, upholstery, concrete roads, retaining walls and tunnels. The garden can also be used as a hedge and a railing. It is much more advantageous than the old-fashioned rebar because it saves from material, workmanship, time and transportation.

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